Jean-François Cléroux was born in Montreal Quebec Canada in 1962 and raised with English as a second language in Vancouver, British Columbia. At a young age Francois loved the arts and his wild imaginative art creations helped him win a Holga like plastic camera that helped spark his interest in the world of photography. His continued studies in Art including Drawing, Sculpture, Pottery, Water Painting, Acrylic Painting and Oil Painting, lead to the first exhibit at the Presentation House Gallery when he was only 15.

Senior High School introduced Francois to formal Photographic studies where he remembers walking up and down a full flight of stairs countless times until he had perfected his print in the darkroom and had finally won approval from his mentor. This concept of ‘perfection’ has guided Francois to this day. While in grade eleven he worked for some local newspapers and The Province newspaper. By the end of grade twelve he had photographed for the Vancouver Sun, several magazines and for the BC Lions and the Vancouver White Caps professional sports clubs.

Francois continued his work where he was able to use his creative abilities in the world of Fashion doing work for several large international clothing manufacturers. He retired from photography after working for Minolta Canada for the 1986 World EXPO and continued to do some photography for three more years doing volunteer work with the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, the Sierra Club and several other wildlife organizations.

After not owning a camera for 18 years, Francois purchased his first digital camera in November 2008 before embarking on a trip to Australia. He returned to the world of photography at that time and he has not looked back since but made a conscious decision not to do any work with his photography but rather to use photography as a means to get back into the world of art and creativity.

Francois has spent the last five years studying art and photography and his personal artistic self and has embarked on numerous artistic projects including “Muse as Art”, “Fine Lines”, “Reflections of a Woman”, “SeaScapes” and experimenting with the old world Cyanotypes in his most recent project “Prussian Nudes”.